Point defects in semiconductor materials


Anaïs DREAU & Guillaume CASSABOIS

Atomic-like systems in solids are at the heart of a broad range of emerging quantum applications, from quantum information science to highly sensitive quantum sensing. One prominent platform in this context is based on point defects in wide bandgap materials. Such defects may encompass charge, orbital and spin degrees of freedom. In particular, their spin degree of freedom may be optically accessible and controllable, while featuring record coherence times in the solid-state even at room temperature. These spin qubits have already enabled the implementation of elaborate quantum protocols and quantum probes.

Our research scope focuses on the physics of such point defects and associated spins in various semiconductor materials including diamond,  hBN, with a particular focus on Silicon, offering expanded range of functionalities for quantum technologies.

Defects in hBN

Single defect in silicon



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