Our research group explores and builds on quantum effects at the nanoscale occurring in individual solid-state impurities. Our activity is developed along four lines.

We investigate the physics of individual spins associated with optically active point defects in various semiconductor with a particular focus on silicon, combining the best attributes of atomic and of condensed matter systems for fiber-based quantum communications.

We use spins isolated in diamond and boron nitride to image and explore the properties of emerging magnetic materials at the nanoscale (antiferromagnets, two-dimensional magnets…).

We exploit single spins isolated in diamond for the development and use of versatile quantum imagers  enabling on a single platform to map the magnetic field, magnetic noise and electric field at nanoscale and with a high sensitivity.

We explore the physics of ultrawide-bandgap semiconductors for applications in deep-ultraviolet optoelectronics. Our activities are currently focused on hexagonal boron nitride, a 2D material with outstanding properties for deep-ultraviolet devices