Novel Quantum Sensing Modalities


Aurore FINCO

Sensing using spin qubits is a rapidly growing field, enabling to probe a large variety of quantities. These quantities include magnetic field, electric field, pressure or temperature to name a few. Single spins associated with the NV centers in diamond are outstanding in this respect, thanks to their long coherence time even at room temperature.

Scanning NV magnetometry has indeed become during the last years a key technique to image nanoscale magnetic textures.  Yet, NV centers are also attractive magnetic noise sensors or electrometers. One research scope of the team aims at extending the sensing modalities of NV centers for implementing versatile nanoscale sensors able to probe various physical quantities on a single scanning platform: magnetic field, magnetic noise and electric field. By enabling access to various physical quantities on a single device, this imager will allow to explore the coupling between these quantities in materials featuring various orders (e.g. magnetic and electric orders).

Multifunctional diamond-based scanning imager



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